Ayoob Zarei

Ayoob Zarei, Mayor of Kong and an architect, has received his BA in architecture and is currently a post-graduate student in architecture in Azad University, South Tehran Branch, Kish International Unit. He was appointed by the Governor of Hormozgan as the mayor of Kong from 2014 to 2017 and elected again as the mayor by the Kong Islamic Council in 2017.  He was designated as an Enduring Personality of Iran’s Transportation Industry in 2016 and named as the Exemplary Mayor of the Hormozgan Province for four successive years from 2014 to 2017. Since 2018 he has also been appointed as the Director of the Research Base for the Historic Texture of Kong.

Restoration and rehabilitation of old houses in historic area of Kong; inscribing 80 old houses within the historic area on the Iran’s National List of Cultural Heritage so that to prevent them from being deteriorated and destroyed; establishing a center for studies on historic texture; creating an international base for the knowledge dhow-construction and seafaring in the Persian Gulf; preparing guidelines for facades and urban landscape with view on protection of vernacular authenticity; founding the Historic Texture Base with cooperation of the Hormozgan General Directorate for Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism; launching the center for promotion and safeguarding of intangible heritage in southeastern Iran based on UNESCO 2003 Convention; restoration of an old house and converting it to the museum of anthropology and seafaring; instituting the House of Artists with the aim of promoting local and native culture; and founding the Women House of Handicrafts in Historic Port of Kong, are some of his achievements during last few years.