Asghar Mohammad Moradi

Asghar Mohammad Moradi, professor and the Head of Restoration Department at the Iranian University of Science and Technology, is a PhD graduate in Architecture from the University of Rome in 1979, and an ICCROM graduate in Restoration in 1982. Since then he has over 40 scientific and executive responsibilities including membership in the technical committee at the Iranian Cultural Heritage Department and ICOMOS-Iran. Projects on rehabilitation of Zanjan historic texture (Bazaar area), 1988; historic textures of Naeen and Mohammadieh, 1991; cultural historical axis of Kerman, 1993; historic/natural site of Bistoon, 1995; Rehabilitation of historic bazaar of Qazvin, 2000; strategic plan for restoration and rehabilitation of Saadolsaltaneh in the bazaar of Qazvin, 2008-2009; and Malek Garden in Golabdarreh, Tehran, are among his professional activities.

Mr. Moradi has written and authored several scientific articles and books in the field of conservation and restoration a number, including books on: Twelve Lessons in Restoration; Presentation of  some Traditional Iranian Buildings and Analysis of their Spatial Characteristics; Saadolsaltaneh Complex in Historic Bazaar of Qazvin (Restoration and Rehabilitation Principles); Rehabilitation of Cities Old Fabrics (Review of experiences) (Guidelines and Regulations for Conservation and Rehabilitation of Iranian Cities Old Fabrics); and Evolution of Conservation and restoration Measure before the Islamic Revolution.